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HoopCAT Games PO Box 237 New Freedom PA 17349

HoopCAT Games was started in 2011 by my wife and I as an effort to bring innovative family games to the market.

Our first self-published family game
Fill the Barn received numerous positive reviews from the likes of Father Geek, ISlayTheDragon, and Initiative Tabletop. We were very proud to see my first published game added to Casual Game Revolution's list of recommended casual games. And we look forward every summer to the annual Fill The Barn tournament that is included in the World Boardgame Championship Juniors program.

While we didn't mind all the work that goes into self-publishing, there is another challenge in that the self-publisher must be good at a lot more than just game making, We've grown to realize that there are many other upstart game publishers who are far stronger at marketing, effective use of social media, and leveraging Kickstarter. We decided to shift away from self-publishing and find publishers for any of our designs that fare well in Unpub play-testing.

As of late June 2014,
Attatat and Lady of the Diamonds are both in the hands of publishers for evaluation. I am still seeking a publisher for FireBreak, while I ready my newest creation Planet Chasers for public playtesting.

Besides designing games, I also write about games for
Casual Game Insider magazine. Check out my article "Why I Love Monopoly....and Why You Should Too" in the Winter 2014 edition, or my periodic contributions to their blog page.